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Cyber Defence and data protection

Shinka has made cyber-security one of the pillars of its company. It offers full solutions for the integration of adequate security systems.

IT security

IT security is today one of the non-negligible concerns in our company. It applies to all domains: bank transactions, energy production, air traffic control, hospitals… everyone needs to secure their data.


Various attacks, various solutions

Access protection and even that of data has become an increasingly crucial area. Vigilance is required at all levels – there are several kinds of attacking platforms in which different kinds of information are targeted.

We help companies to develop and maintain their IT defence systems, by offering solutions that integrate security at the heart of infrastructure, systems and staff.


Shinka develops pertinent defence strategies for its clients. It does this by adopting a pragmatic and in-depth approach toward analysing the entire defence perimeter, for the purpose of offering an optimal solution.



Shinka’s aim is to maintain, develop and even test the various security and deterrent systems that its clients use.

We apply all our know-how in the domain of security: whether it’s teaching our employees about the dangers of divulging information, providing means of reliable authentication, or penetration tests.

We exercise this role of advisor-analyst in all crisis situations and during programmed action plans.

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Our security solutions:

Audit – Reliable Authentication – Mail Defence – Next Generation Firewall – Proxy & Reverse Proxy – Data Encryption – Network Security – Secure Remote Access – Remote Connection – Access Guarding