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Our company vision

Our company vision



IT solutions today are becoming more complex, at an accelerating rate. This digital transformation often poses an obstacle for companies.

With this, we aim to help every organisation to be successful in its digital transformation agenda, by promoting high-quality solutions in line with its needs. With this in mind, we developed a large range of expertise in targeted domains, all for the purpose of highlighting quality. Today, this force represents a real added value for our customers.



We developed our company with one simple aim: the intelligence factor in the services offered. With this, the offered solutions are a perfect fit with the requests that are sent to us. We like to play a part in the success of our clients as we maintain their competitivity at the highest level. We are resolutely solution-oriented and we cultivate a desire for business in all of our areas of competence.


It is imperative for the success and the future of an organisation to have a clear and accurate vision of its IT-related needs. Shinka strives to maintain a certain level of innovation and an attentive mind with regard to future technologies.


Continuous improvement

Our desire to offer quality services and equipment has driven us to ensure continuous improvement of our skills. We believe that our company is built on the skills of each of our employees.

Our success is based on good practices, diligence and well-being. We are convinced that the ongoing appreciation of our collaborators will remain one of the key drivers of our success.