SOCaaS - Security Operations Center as a Service are security operations services that prevent, detect, assess, and respond to cybersecurity threats and incidents, and also fulfil and assess regulatory compliance so that a company does not have to build its own SOC. SOCaaS provides companies with cybersecurity talent who have the knowledge and skills necessary to combat cybersecurity threats.

In other words, SOCaaS gives access to top talent, best-in-class equipment, and the most advanced cybersecurity analytics the industry has to offer without having to build their own dedicated SOC, but by simply subscribing to a scalable service.

Having spoken with companies of all sizes and maturity levels, Shinka recognized that they were often frustrated with the lack of enterprise-grade cybersecurity solutions available that could protect them at a reasonable price point.

Moreover, cyber risks are difficult to identify and can be expensive to manage, as it requires resources like people, data, and tools:

  • People
    • Difficult and expensive to have experts for each tool internally.
    • Security experts are hard to find and hire.
    • The right people are expensive.
  • Data
    • Not all points of the network are being monitored, leaving devices and systems vulnerable and in the unknown.
    • If all areas of the network are being monitored, too many alerts are being generated.
    • Data is not correlated, and critical alerts are difficult to pinpoint.
  • Toolset
    • Tools with the right capabilities come with enterprise price tags.
    • Tools are disparate and difficult to manage.
    • Without the right guidance and support it is a large burden on an existing team to learn and take alerts from a new tool.

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