Privileged Access Management (PAM) is a set of solutions which help protect organizations – preventing unauthorised, privileged access to critical resources by identifying users, monitoring them, and detecting abnormal activities.

Privileged accounts have traditionally only been given to a few administrators to access critical data and applications. Nowadays, business infrastructures and access are changing and evolving to more and more complex architectures (Cloud, Hybrid, Remote Access, 3rd Party, …). This has led to privileged accounts becoming too numerous and widespread. In a risk management approach, keeping control of these accounts is essential to reduce fraudulent uses, and to respond to regulatory compliances within an organization. PAM will help to achieve those daily challenges.

Here is a list of capabilities that a PAM solution can provide:

  • Credential vaulting
  • Secrets management for applications, services, devices
  • Control of access to privileged accounts
  • Session establishment and management
  • Discovery of privileged accounts (systems, infrastructures, applications, …)
  • Monitoring, recording, and analysing of interactive privileged access
  • Delegation of access to privileged accounts
  • Provide just-in-time (JIT) access to critical resources
  • Visibility and control over elevation commands
  • Privileged access for remote users (workforce, 3rd party, …)
  • Cloud infrastructure access management
  • Automation for privileged tasks workflow
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