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Design and architecture

Infrastructure : design & architecture 



Each profession develops its own infrastructure use. It is important for an organisation to be equipped with a framework in line with its everyday use.

Before being able to develop a business through IT equipment, an analysis will be performed in line with today’s requests and future needs.

This consideration of technical tools must start with an analysis of the functional usage constraints: security, mobility, relocation, communication, and evolution.



We have accompanied clients both national and international; this has given us solid experience in ICT architecture. With the collaboration of various agents, we elaborate a design suitable for any expectations, any techniques, and any changes.


A wide knowledge of modern techniques is necessary for a relevant and scalable design.

However, sometimes technical and material developments are delayed, owing to the company’s adaptation limitations.
Shinka offers structures that meet the company’s current and future needs, in this way assuring ongoing transformation.
With this approach, we provide our clientele with quality advice in their technology-related choices. When we consider the future, we anticipate a large portion of future needs while promoting innovation in:

  • The implementation of networks;
  • The implementation of storage areas;
  • Complete infrastructure management.
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All our infrastructure solutions:

PDU – Servers – Rack – Patchpanel – Air Conditioning – CMC – Cable Management – Virtual Chassis – Humidity Detection – Fire Detection – IT Helpdesk – UPS – Copper Cables – Fibre-optics – Switch – KVM – Camera