SHINKA IT guarantees the client's independence in the management of its new installation

Integration is the deployment of the different concepts integrated in the architecture of the To Be plan. SHINKA IT's aim is to guarantee the client's independence by giving him all the information about his future installation. Thanks to the training of its teams and the transmission of all critical information (As-Built plan, processes, passwords), SHINKA IT gives the client the ability to manage his new installation himself.

SHINKA IT ensures all stages of the migration with the objective of minimizing the downtime of the installation and managing the risks related to the migration.

  • Complete identification of configurations and documentation
  • Preparation and configuration of the new hardware
  • Checks
  • Change of equipment
  • Transposition and integration of new configurations
  • Optimization of the rules and applications of the new protocols
  • Control and testing of the new installation
  • Hypercare period carried out by SHINKA IT experts post-migration

SHINKA IT offers advice, selects the best solutions, integrates them and provides maintenance. Find out more Discover our expertise. 

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