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Audit : understanding, analysing, improving


Providing an effective overview of a network or its security is a real challenge. It is common for one to be asked to run changes, tests and replacements which weight down real vision of infrastructure.

We have a perfect understanding of the needs concerning improvements and competitiveness that companies have to deal with. Thanks to this, through our analysis efforts and advice, we help our clients to achieve their objectives. Shinka possesses the skills necessary for establishing the bases for a scalable and appropriate reflection of information technologies.

Network audit

  • The network equipment and the various infrastructure points have been tested and analysed.
  • The LAN, WLAN and WAN topologies have been researched and analysed.
  • Network flows can be streamed upon request, to optimise analysis.
  • Breaches are highlighted, as are the best practices to be followed.
  • At the end, a report shall be drafted which summarises the synthesis of the intervention and its outcome.

The various proficiencies provide the client with the visibility that they desire:

  • Is the topology always suitable for the practices used today?
  • How to obtain increased visibility and efficient management of the network?
  • How to meet the mobility needs of collaborators?
  • Is it possible to improve the performance of the network?


Security audit

This audit can be performed in several ways:

  • Black box;
  • White box;
  • Pentest;
  • Social Engineering;

The various proficiencies provide the client with the visibility that they desire:

  • Is the infrastructure sensitive to attacks?
  • What is the degree of public exposure?
  • Have the staff been educated on the various types of attacks (phishing etc.)?
  • Are there any flaws? How can these be solved?
  • What procedure should be followed in the event of an intrusion?



Our intervention efforts recognise the following:

  • Discovering threats;
  • The good practices to be implemented;
  • Proposals for improvement of problem points in order to achieve a high performance level;
  • Support in such developments.

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