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Monitoring of the infrastructure and the applications


The guardian of your infrastructure

ShinkaGuard is a monitoring technology which allows for monitoring all the infrastructures and applications included in an IT system.


It plays several roles:

  • Alerts: fast detection of breakdowns which can develop in an infrastructure and triggering of notifications (email, SMS…). Alerts can also be triggered on a basis of defined thresholds (temperature, bandwidth,…);
  • Reports: graphic visualisation (charts, curves,…) of the status of the infrastructure at a specific time;
  • History: storage of infrastructure-related data, allowing for the realisation of development trends as well as preventive action with harmful components;
  • Saving: automated mechanism for recovery of configurations of network equipment, allowing for fast recovery where a piece of equipment is replaced;
  • Map: mapping of all the monitored items in an intelligent topology. The vision of the links and the Up / Down elements is fast.

Efficiency and pro-activity

In addition to the global vision that it offers, ShinkaGuard improves detection and resolution of problems present in an infrastructure. Our product is pro-active: it allows for the anticipation of future trouble in an infrastructure.


Capable of changing and custom-made

In order to ensure continuous adaptation to clients’ needs, ShinkaGuard lets you add the Add-On at its core. The possibilities offered by ShinkaGuard are very extensive and they let you respond to particular requests or to address specific hardware.

There are various functions, such as user rights management, creating specific customisable views and establishing customised graphics that complete this offer. ShinkaGuard is capable of recovering all the information from equipment which is included in the IT infrastructure.


ShinkaGuard relies on generic products which allow for full independence vis-à-vis manufacturers or types of products. Additionally, our product remains fully open and it remains a productfully owned by the client.

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Manage the performance of your network and your applications!

SecurActive is an editor specialised in NPM and APM markets (Network & Application Performance Management). Its product, Performance Vision, lets you obtain a global vision of the performance of the infrastructures and the applications.


Accelerate performance

Performance Vision was designed to respond to network and applications performance measurement objectives, as the users feel it.

By acquiring the best visibility, the IT teams can perform diagnoses, supervise and make better decisions than before.

Performance Vision allows you to:

  • Diagnose: you will identify problems in a few minutes, and determine their origin and their impact;
  • Supervise: you will instantly be informed of any damage, and be able to respond before users complain;
  • Make knowledgeable decisions: based on reliable data, your IT team will make the best infrastructure-related decisions.

What makes Performance Vision unique?

A set of functions integrated in a single product make Performance Vision a unique solution:

  • Monitoring of network traffic and the performance of applications;
  • Analysis of data and voices transfers as they are felt by users via a single machine;
  • Ad hoc reports that are available to both the IT team and the direction;
  • Navigation in information: from synthesis to details in a few clicks;
  • An exhaustive vision of the flows and transactions in real time, up to one year;
  • The easiest solution in the market, and very affordable, to be integrated in the network.

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