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Latest generation networks


Evolution of practices

The needs that companies have today have strongly evolved, and digital transformation has become a key issue. Mobility is now an important feature of network infrastructures. In the same way, the growing number of different tools and the management of business applications are things that require a powerful network.

With this, those who make decisions in IT are required to deal with complex phenomena related to integration and productivity.


Accessibility and Mobility

We offer our clients a modern vision of the network as we provide them with a unified level of access. Unification of the LAN and the WLAN boosts the ease and quality of the productive output of the company. The users benefit from an increased mobility between networks, while maintaining the same quality of services. The management of the various access levels is centralised, simplified and automated.

This has made it easy for the IT department to get an instant overview of access to the networks.

Today, companies need advanced access and mobility facilities. For this reason it is essential to provide them with a way to make productivity easier in their business. We help them to accomplish the evolution of their LAN, WLAN and WAN.


The need for ever greater mobility and ever easier access requires that even more attention be paid to security. Our solutions are based on automated mechanisms of unified security policies. They provide reinforcement of the security of the LAN and WLAN networks, at a global level, all while making security easier and with a lesser maintenance requirement.

All of these combined technologies in this way enable a company to attain greater mobility and productivity for their users in a truly secure environment.



In this way a company reduces its costs, thanks to:

  • Simplified management;
  • Significant scalability;
  • Increased protection;
  • More efficient production;
  • A reduction in maintenance costs.
  • Whether it’s BYOD, unification, network management, QoS, de security or performance, we work to promote investments which are high-quality, scalable and intelligent.

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    Our network solutions:

    Access Points – United Access – Audit – Physical and Virtual Checker – Centralisation of LAN and WLAN Management – Optimisation LAN and WLAN – QoS – Site Survey – Application & Traffic Control – Next generation mobility – Virtual chassis – WAN Migration – Showers – Industrial Switches – Cabling – Fibre optics