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Information system 

Shinka offers IT system solutions that increase the productivity of all companies by providing them with the following:

  • Ease of development;
  • Improvement of information exchange methods;
  • An available, continuous level of service.


An set of solutions

We strive to offer software and hardware equipment that meet the expectations of ICT professionals. For example:

  • Visibility of threats in a virtual environment;
  • Storage and backup of data (Tape, SAN, NAS);
  • Continuity of work for remote employees;
  • Complex migration of data;
  • Installation and maintenance of IT infrastructure.

Shinka also promotes professional virtualisation solutions:


The growing need for computer operating equipment and the demand for resources are problematic and raise many concerns as far as the development of digital transformation and making it work are concerned.

What is meant by this is that the number of users is increasing, storage capacity is revised upwards and machines must adapt to changes in demand. The increased costs for materials, energy and maintenance cause much concern time and time again. However, the path leading to virtualisation always remains the same: rationalising costs and increasing productivity.


We help companies to maintain their level of productivity via virtualisation solutions by cooperating with clients in the identification of their problems in order to offer them the best possible virtualisation solution.

We aim to have a rational approach in:

  • Optimisation of material;
  • Maintenance reduction;
  • Increased safety in case of disaster events;
  • Virtual infrastructure monitoring;
  • Increased production;
  • Improved management and understanding of the virtual infrastructure;
  • Reduction of energy footprint.

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Our system solutions:

Remote access – Antivirus – Audit – Citrix – KVM – Laptop – NAS – SAN – Security – Servers – Virtualisation – Virtual Desktop – Windows Server – Workstations