Expertise in new generations of firewalls

SHINKA IT has a wealth expertise that allows it to advise companies and institutions on selecting the most appropriate solutions in relation to their environment, in complete independence.

The firewall is one of the important elements of a company's IT security. It allows you to control and segment the different areas of your infrastructure based on criteria. These have been constantly evolving to counter attack techniques.

New generations of firewalls monitor and block traffic based on advanced criteria.

  • For web browsing, content filtration, URL analysis, SSL traffic analysis, etc.
  • For Sandboxing (verification of a document in a secure environment)
  • For infrastructure, such as the Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), i.e. behaviour and signature analysis
  • For the user with the identification and management of access rights

All of these solutions provide 360° security visibility. All of this information allows attacks to be anticipated and for defensive actions to be implemented.

This information can also be transferred to a SOC (Security Operation Centre), an infrastructure security monitoring platform, to be processed there.

All SHINKA IT teams are certified and receive ongoing training. 

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