A manageable-sized SOC is possible with SHINKA IT

SHINKA IT offers integration with a SOC (Security Operation Centre) accessible to all, a SOC on a personal scale. Thanks to the SOC-as-a-Service system, companies and institutions can benefit from an essential service in terms of their cybersecurity. 

By relying on a partnership with inSOC, SHINKA IT is able to provide a 24/7 solution that avoids false positives. By combining the expertise of its partner in terms of data processing and its own expertise, i.e. knowledge of its customers and their habits, SHINKA IT is able to prevent, detect, assess and respond to threats and security incidents in compliance with the NIST standard.

The SOC (Security Operation Centre) is an operational centre made up of IT security experts. They analyse alerts from all IT solutions and systems integrated into a company’s infrastructure and network in real time. Alerts are centralised and correlated using artificial intelligence methods. Based on this, analysts advise and establish remediation strategies to improve IT security.

SOC-as-a-Service: the SHINKA IT solution

  • Shared system 
  • Mutualisation of design, commissioning and license costs
  • Budget that is tailored to the size of the company
  • Solution adapted for structures of 50 users and more
  • CISSP-certified analysts
  • Compliance with European data protection regulations (GDPR and NIS)
  • Flexibility

All SHINKA IT teams are certified and receive ongoing training. 

SHINKA IT offers advice, selects the best solutions, integrates them and provides maintenance. Find out more Discover our expertise. 


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